The world of the book is a wonderful and ever widening powerful world.
It is a world where form and content blend to be further enhanced with text and visual expression. And yet books themselves are ever so personal. It makes it almost impossible to find that special book to fit a cherished moment. However, since I can make my own books and journals I am guaranteed to find exactly the right paper for the project, the correct size, and shape, and even the perfect decorative embellishments that make the books personal.
The biggest challenge I face is filling the book with a story or journey. My first act upon finishing the book is to put some doodles, brush strokes, or stampings several places throughout the book. Why? If a book sits blank, I become increasingly more afraid of ruining it with writing and painting. Sometimes I’ll have the content for the book in mind. I’ll then let it determine the book’s format.
The door to imagination is a gateway to be cherished.